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Chapter One Vocabulary Review

Melanie Wilcox

Estimated Have a clear meaning and be easy to understand
Studies Mother, father, sisters, and brothers
Likely Research projects done to find out about a particular subject or problem
Statistics A person who studies languages and their structures
Unconventional Will probably happen or is probably true
Tendency often do a particular thing
Tend to Need to leave quickly
Reputation Hates
Address Become relaxed and feel less worried
Titles Recognize the differences among various things or people
Differentiate Collection of numbers that represent facts or measurements
Linguist Words or names that describe someone's rank or position
Explicit Expressed in a way that is very clear
Prospective Family members who lived in past times
In authority Calculated or guessed in a general way (used in reference to the value, size, speed, or amount of something)
Unless Having the power and right to control and command people
Loosen up General change or development in a particular direction; a trend
Got to run Begin
Get started An unpleasant or difficult task
Hassle A silly name or a shorter form of someone's real name
Sick of Very different from the way people usually behave or think
What's up? Likely to happen; future (adj.)
Can't stand Tired of, impatient with
Go through with it What's new? What do you want?
Bunch of Except on the condition that; except if
Knights Complete something unpleasant or difficult
Medieval Speak directly to a person or group
Nickname The opinion that people have about a person because of what has happened in the past
Immediate family A feeling or reaction in response to a situation or question
Make sense Relating to the Middle Ages in Europe (about A.D. 500-1500)
Ancestors A large number of
Reaction European soldiers who fought on horseback centuries ago

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