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Quiz #6-#9 BIO word match

1aud _____nose
2chromo _____nurishing
3gusta _____taste
4intra _____spider
5inter _____under, beneath
6oculi _____flat
7olfact _____beneath
8ophthalm _____band
9oto _____tendinous
10photo _____nerve
11rhin _____clavicle
12sclera, sclero _____to numb or deaden
13archn _____around
14gangli _____before
15narc _____muscle
16neur, neuro _____condition
17medull _____tree, branched
18menin _____a blow
19plex _____wall
20sphin _____a circle
21-algia _____smell
22-graph -graphia _____between
23-mural _____swelling
24-osis _____squeeze
25-plegia _____membrane
26apo  _____discharge
27cephalo _____first
28cleido _____ilium
29desmo _____eye
30extra _____to write, record
31genio _____husk
32glosso _____pain
33holo _____light
34ilio _____color
35liga _____entire
36mero _____tongue
37uro _____hard
38-tendinosus _____from
39bi _____bad, disordered
40cerebro _____network
41dendre _____part
42dys _____outside of, beyond, in additin
43infra _____ear
44myo _____within
45orb _____pertaining to
46peri _____the hear
47platy _____sate, condition
48pre _____flesh
49pro _____urinary
50sarco _____chin
51-al _____head
52-ia _____eye
53-ineum _____two
54-lemma _____to bind together
55-trophy _____brain

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