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The Skin

Sinead Walsh

1Desqumation _____The two fibers present in the dermis
2Stratum Germinativum _____The fibre that 'plumps' the skin
3Palms of the Hand _____Produce heparin and histamine
4Eccrine Glands _____The process of cooling the body through the skin
5Tactile Corpuscles _____Whiteheads
6pH  _____AKA 7-Dehydrocholesterol
7Ergosterol _____The skins pigment
8Melanin _____Caused by the itchmite
9Collagen & Elastin _____The layer of the skin where mitotic activity takes place
10Apocrine Glands _____The process of becoming a dead structure
11Acid Mantle _____the area of the body where the skin is at its thickest
12Sebum _____Secrete collagen and elastin
13Fibroblasts _____Collective name for the nerve endings
14Sebum & Sweat _____The study of the structure and the functions of the body
15Collagen  _____Bacteria; Infection, true acne
16Vasodilation _____Secrete watery sweat
17Ephelides _____AKA Freckles
18Scabies _____A tumour of the melanocytes
19Herpes Zoster _____Viral tumour, usually found on the feet
20Acne Vulgaris _____A viral infection
21Acne rosacea _____The skins oily substance
22Verrucas  _____The process of retaining body heat through the skin
23Milia _____Potential Hydrogen
24Malignant Melanoma _____Mix together to create the skins acid mantle
25Stratum Granulosum _____The skins protective layer
26Keratinisation _____The layer of the skin where the process of keratinisation begins
27Dermatology _____Causes a redding on the face
28Sebaceous Glands _____Secrete a milky sweat
29Mast Cells  _____Produce an oily substance
30Vasiconstriction _____The layer of the skin where shedding takes place

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