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Elements and Pre-1700s Vocab

Violet T.

foresight  from a different area or country
scaffold  crossbreed, combined
exotic  operating by gas under pressure
brevity unsure, doubtful
hybridized the ability to see into the future
aether a head chopper machine
guillotine someone who studies the religion of Christianity
bureaucratic a temporary structure used for building
epidemic the shortness of
perfectionist the spread of a very contagious disease
concoctions to combine with oxygen
prevail relating to business
theologist a large building
kiva to prove to be better
antineutrino a mixture of multiple liquids
megafauna gooey remains of something
vats a unit of electricity
manioc an ancestor
pneumatic giant tanks used to mix and hold liquid
residue a pleasant smelling, highly flammable liquid
forefather someone who wants everything to be just right
ampere an underground religious temple used by Pueblo Native Americans
edifice the study of visible light and radiation
spectroscopy the starchy root of a tropical tree, also known as cassava
phenomena a subatomic particle with a very small mass that is electrically neutral
perplexing plural phenomenon, multiple fascinating things
oxidize druggist
apothecary confusing, puzzling
skeptical big animals

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