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HR Competencies 2020 (3 of 3)

Karen Burton

HR Competencies - SHRM 2020 Learning System

1Nominal Group Technique _____Concept that stipulates that no individual is beyond the reach of the law and that authority is exercised only in accordance with written and publicly disclosed laws.
2Nonverbals _____The benefit created when an organization meets its strategic goals; measure of usefulness, worth, or importance.
3Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) _____Comparing the sizes of two variables to produce an index or percentage; commonly used to analyze financial statements.
4Principled Negotiation _____Raw average of data that gives equal weight to all values, with no regard for other factors.
5Ratio Analysis _____Type of analysis that starts with a result and then works backward to identify fundamental cause.
6Reliability _____Technique in which participants each suggest ideas through a series of rounds and then discuss the items, eliminate redundancies and irrelevancies, and agree on the importance of the remaining items.
7Root-Cause Analyis _____Concept that proposes that any organization operates within a complex environment in which it affects and is affected by a variety of forces or stakeholders who all share in the value of the organization and its activities.
8Rule of Law _____Statistical methods for identifying the degree of difference between planned and actual performance or outcomes.
9Scenario / What-If Analysis _____Statistical method that examines data from different point in time to determine if a variance is an isolated event or if it is part of a longer trend.
10Social Intelligence _____Extent to which a measurement instrument measures what it is intended to measure.
11Stakeholder Concept _____Ability to create connections or rapport with others.
12Standard Deviation _____Average of data that adds factors to reflect the important of different values.
13Transparency _____Distance of any data point from the center of a distribution when data is distributed in a “normal” or expected pattern.
14Trend Analysis _____Components of a message apart from its words. This could include physical gestures and posture and vocal tones, volume, and speed.
15Unweighted Mean _____Processing applications that store data in a multidimensional “cube,” which enables users to analyze data quickly in a variety of different ways.
16Validity _____Statistical method used to test the possible effects of altering the details of a strategy to see if the likely outcome can be improved.
17Value _____Process in which negotiators aim for mutual gain, emphasizing the need to focus on the problem instead of personal differences and on mutually beneficial outcomes.
18Value Chain _____Extent to which a measurement instrument provides consistent results.
19Variance Analysis _____The process by which an organization creates the product or service it offers to the customer.
20Weighted Mean _____Extent to which an organization’s agreements, dealing, information, practices, and transactions are open to disclosure and review by relevant persons.

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