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People 2020 (3 of 6)

Karen Burton

People Module - SHRM 2020 Learning System

1Internal Equity _____Job evaluation method in which descriptions are written for each class of jobs; individual jobs are then put into the grade that best matches their class description.
2Job Analysis _____Process of increasing a job’s depth by adding responsibilities to the job.
3Job Classification _____One-time payment made to an employee; also called performance bonus.
4Job Description _____System that holds course content information and has the capability of tracking and managing employee course registrations, career development, and other employee development activities.
5Job Enlargement _____Process of systematically studying a job in order to identify the activities/tasks and responsibilities it includes, the personal qualifications necessary to perform it, and the conditions under which it is performed.
6Job Enrichment _____Process of broadening a job’s scope by adding different tasks to the job.
7Job Evaluation _____People who learn best through a hands-on approach; also called tactile learners.
8Job Ranking _____Process of determining a job’s value and price for the purpose of attracting and retaining employees, by comparing the job against other jobs within the organization or against similar jobs in competing organizations.
9Job Rotation _____Job evaluation method that involves establishing a hierarchy of jobs from lowest to highest based on each job’s overall value to the organization.
10Job Specifications _____Type of metric describing an activity that can change future performance and predict success in the achievement of strategic goals.
11Job-Content-Based Job Evaluation _____Movement between different jobs.
12Kinesthetic Learners _____Type of metric describing an activity or change in performance that has already occurred.
13Lagging Indicator _____Job evaluation method in which the relative worth and pay structure of different jobs are based on an assessment of their content and their relationship to other jobs within the organization.
14Leader Development _____Job evaluation method in which the relative worth and pay structure of different jobs are based on their market value or the going rate in the marketplace.
15Leadership _____Organization characterized by a capability to adapt to changes in environment.
16Leading Indicator _____Document that describes a job and its essential functions and requirements (including tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, responsibilities, and reporting structure).
17Learning Management System (LMS) _____Extent to which employees perceive that monetary and other rewards are distributed equitably, based on effort, skill and/or relevant outcomes.
18Learning Organization _____Written statements of the minimum qualifications for the job incumbent.
19Lump-Sum Increase (LSI) _____Ability to influence, guide, inspire or motivate a group or person to achieve their goals.
20Market-Based Job Evaluation _____Training and professional development programs targeted at assisting management- and executive-level employees in developing the skills, abilities, and flexibility required to deal with a variety of situations.

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