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Organization 2020 - (3 of 3)

Karen Burton

Organization Module - SHRM 2020 Learning System

1Replacement Planning _____Online clustering of individuals in groups with common or shared interests.
2Restructuring _____Groups that represent employees, generally on a local or organizational level, for the primary purpose of receiving from employers and conveying to employees information about the workforce and the health of the enterprise.
3Secondary Action _____Work groups that assist line units by providing specialized services, such as HR.
4Service-Level Ageement (SLA) _____Reporting of an organization’s violations of policies and processes by employees.
5Shared Services HR Model _____Refers to the number of individuals who report to a supervisor.
6SImulations _____Systematic approach to anticipate human capital needs and data HR professionals can use to ensure that appropriate knowledge, skills, or abilities will be available when needed to accomplish organizational goals and objectives.
7Sit-Down Strike _____Activities needed to ensure that workforce size and competencies meet current and future organizational and individual needs.
8Social Engineering _____HR structural alternative in which centers with specific areas of expertise develop HR policies in those areas; each unit can then select what it needs from a menu of these services.
9Social Networks _____Attempt by a union to influence an employer by putting pressure on another employer, for example, a supplier.
10Software as a Service (SaaS) _____Process of implementing a talent management strategy for identifying and fostering the development of high-potential employees or other job candidates who, over time, may move into leadership positions of increased responsibility.
11Span of Control _____Software that is owned, delivered, and managed remotely and delivered over the internet to contracted customers on a pay-for-use basis or as a subscription based on use metrics.
12Staff Units _____In a computer context, tricking a user into sharing information that can then be used to access systems.
13Succession Planning _____Representations of real situations; give organizations the opportunity to speculate as to what would happen if certain courses of action were pursued.
14Sympathy Strike _____Work stoppages at union contract operations that have not been sanctioned by the union.
15Talent Management _____Act of replacing employees leaving an organization; attrition or loss of employees.
16Trade Union _____“Snapshot” assessment of the availability of qualified backup for key positions.
17Turnover _____Annualized formula that tracks number of separations and total number of workforce employees per month.
18Turnover Rate _____All activities needed to ensure that workforce size and competencies meet the organization’s strategic needs.
19Unfair Labor Practice _____Act of reorganizing the legal, ownership, operational, or other structures of an organization.
20Whistleblowing _____Refusal by workers to work; also refusal by workers to leave their workstations, making it impossible for the employer to use replacement workers.
21Wildcat Strike _____Group of workers who formally organize and coordinate their activities to achieve common goals in their relationship with an employer or group of employers; also called labor union.
22Workforce Analysis _____Action taken in support of another union that is striking the employer.
23Workforce Management _____Development and integration of HR processes that attract, develop, engage, and retain the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees that will meet current and future organizational needs.
24Workforce Planning _____Violation of employee rights; act prohibited under labor relations statutes.
25Works Councils _____Situation in which workers slow processes by performing tasks exactly to specifications or according to job or task descriptions.
26Work-to-Rule _____Part of a service contract where the service expectations are formally defined.

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