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Fun facts about Croatia

Match the words on the left with their pair on the right.

1Krapanj _____A city of four rivers.
2Hum _____The smallest town in the world. Only 23 people live there.
3Ston _____The longest fortification (wall) in Europe.
4The Danube _____People say that it's the centre of the world.
5Kopački Rit _____The smallest Croatian island on which people live.
6Ludbreg _____A nature park, one of the largest and most beautiful wetlands in Europe. More than 250 different kinds of birds and more than 40 different kinds of fish live there.
7Karlovac _____The largest river in Croatia.
8Zadar _____Home to the world's first Sea Organ. The waves and wind make music.
9degenija _____The longest river in Croatia.
10The River Kupa _____The rarest plant in Croatia. It grows on Velebit.

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