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1Dentists  _____sell things to out community.
2A veterinarian _____takes care of people during an accident or an emergency.
3A crossing guard _____transport, or move things, all around our communities.
4Firefighters _____help people in the community stay healthy.
5 Police officers _____helps people learn.
6A paramedic _____measures medicine and teaches you how to take medicine when you need it.
7Doctors, nurses, and hospital workers _____help make sure our teeth are healthy and clean.
8A pharmacist  _____helps our animals stay healthy.
9Sanitation workers _____is a government leader.
10Letter carriers _____ move people from place to place.
11Bus drivers and train conductors _____are helpers who put out fires.
12Farmers _____makes sure everyone gets their mail.
13Teachers _____collect the garbage and keep streets clean.
14Truck drivers  _____is in charge of books and other resources in a library.
15Mayor _____helps people cross the street.
16Librarian  _____help grow our food.
17Store owners _____keep neighborhoods safe.

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