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My Vaca quiz


My Vaca Quiz

How does one become learned (knowledgeable) By serving elders
How does one achieve greatness and success By not performing injury
How does one become fit to be a companion By having patience
How does one become intelligent By having dexterity
Which is the one step to Dharma Vedic Dharma
Which is the one step to fame By renouncing anger
Which is the one step to heaven By giving up lust
Which is the one step to happiness By Listening
What is the quality of a person who is praiseworthy By practicing Truthfulness
What is the best among the riches By having good Character
What is the best gain By giving up arrogance
What is the best among joys By giving up greed
What is the highest dharma Control of the mind
Which dharma always yields results By being and staying healthy
What can man control to not grieve By being successful through tapas (austerity - renouncing)
Which friendship does not decay Being friends with the good
What do we give up to become dear By having knowledge
How does one become free from grief By being efficient
What does one give up to become prosperous By being contented
What does one renounce to become happy By practicing charity

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