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Chapter 20: Chemical Texture

Greg Edwards

All about Chemical Texture

Ammonium Thioglycolate Most chemicals are considered this
Sodium Hydroxide What you apply before the relaxer around the hairline and on the scalp
AGT What you use to wrap a perm
Perm Rods The active ingredient in most Chemical Relaxers
Spiral Wrap This common term can mean Adding or Subtracting Curl to/from the hair
Croquinole The active ingredient in most Permanent Waves
9 Section-Rectangle_Wrap A permanent wave that is below 7 on the pH scale
Hydrogen Peroxide What the State Board requires you to perform
Blotting A wrapping technique that is elongated and wrapped vertically
Half Base A standard wrapping technique
Disulfide Bonds What is applied 3 times after your relaxer has finished processing
Calcium Hydroxide Used to relax color-treated hair
Protective Base Cream What happens to the hair when you leave the chemical on to long
Neutralizing Shampoo A type of permanent wave that usually requires an external heat source
Overprocessed The active ingredient in most permanent wave neutralizers
Acid Wave Can come in liquid or cream and requires no heat to process
Cold Wave This technique uses two rods on one subsection of har within every section
Endothermic The acronym for permanent wave solution End_Wraps What you use to wrap a rod
Exothermic The bonds that are broken up to 50% during the permanent waving process
Alkaline What you do after you rinse, before the neutralizer
Soft Curl Uses a THIO cream relaxer first, then rodded to provide the desired curl pattern
Piggy Back Wrap Creates HEAT when you mix part 1 to part 2 as a catalyst
Perm How most rods are wrapped on the head

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