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Behavior Term matching Game

Sahvanna Mease

Match the term to the definition regarding behavioral supports

Target behavior The removal of an aversive immediately following a behavior that increases the future probability of the behavior.
Positive Reinforcement A consequence following a behavior that decreases the future rate or probability of a behavior.
Negative Reinforcement The responsibility of the educator to find appropriate ways to assist each student’s learning, based on the belief that all students can and want to learn.
Punishment Withholding reinforcement for a previously reinforced behavior to reduce the reoccurrence of the behavior.
Extinction  Occurs immediately before a behavior. The antecedent serves as a signal or cue for the behavior.
Antecedent he behavior we want to change
Seclusion behavior is learned
Restraint A consequence that follows a behavior that increases the future probability, or rate, of the response.
Rights of Children Is observable and measureable.
Presumed Competence Involves physically holding or securing the individual for a brief period of time to interrupt a severe problem behavior.
Behavior he student is removed from the setting that is believed to be reinforcing the behavior. S/he is assigned to another setting that will be non-stimulating (increasing urge to return to and stay in classroom).
Primary Motivators for Behavior Change Being treated with dignity and respect.
Behavioral Explanation to get, to avoid

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