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phrasal verbs

Ruth Winnett

Scientists have carried out phrasal verbs in academic writing and speaking.
The railways brought to a case study.
The discovery came to Shakespeare.
Unusually cold weather accounted in admiration from your university professors.
This report consists up with interviews.
This essay will focus on the results of extensive research.
The final section is devoted on the underlying conditions for huge social change.
In academic writing, it is necessary to refer to other reputable sources.
Many experts have pointed toward human error, not mechanical failure.
Burnett puts out experiments on rats for years.
This poem is attributed about by chance.
All the evidence points about huge change to good transportation.
These recommendations are cased of three parts.
The climate change scientists arrived forward the theory that a person's navigational ability impacts memory.
The surveys were followed out that a student's first language interferes in their 2nd language choices.
It is important to narrow to meaningful expression.
To sum down your meaning.
It might be surprising bu don't rule for the rise in power usage.
There are many phrasal verbs that can contribute at the conclusion after 50 years of gathering data.
Writing and speaking naturally will result up, don't forget to repeat your main ideas.

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