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Marketing - Chap 6 Terms

consumer behavior external influences such as culture, social class, reference groups, family, and opinion leaders
social factors external factors related to the particular circumstances under which a purchase is made
psychological factors the process through which the ultimate buyer or household consumer makes purchase decisions
situational factors a person's enduring favorable or unfavorable evaluations, emotions, or tendencies toward some object or idea
evoked set is an imbalance between the consumer's actual and desired states
involvement the most complex decision style and occurs for high-involvement products where financial and/or social risk is high
routinized response behavior the degree of interest an individual has in the product, as well as how important that product is to them
limited problem solving behavior that occurs for purchases that consumers make less frequently and when their knowledge or experience is limited
extended problem solving are trendsetters who purchase new products before others in a group, and then influence others in their purchases
culture immediate or expected changes in consumer behavior as a result of experience
subcultures inner states that direct a person toward the goal of satisfying a need
social class a person's view of themselves
reference groups behavior that occurs for low-involvement products that consumers purchase on a frequent basis
opinion leaders based upon an individual's occupation, education, income, wealth, and possessions
need factors internal to the individual
motives groups with their own distinct modes of behavior
perception the values, beliefs, preferences, and tastes handed down from one generation to the next
attitudes people or institutions whose opinions are valued and to whom a person looks for guidance in his or her own behavior, values, and conduct
learning the meaning a person attributes to incoming stimuli gathered through the five senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell
self-concept the collection of alternatives a consumer considers when making a decision

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