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Cleaning and Sanitizing

Alexandria Stanley

Match the words and definitions.

Cleaning  Scouring agent that helps scrub hard-to-remove dirt.
Sanitizing Reduces pathogens on a surface to safe levels.
Cleaners  Mixing sanitizer with the proper amount of water is important.
Detergents Removes food and other dirt from a surface.
Degreasers Acid cleaners used on mineral deposits and dirt that other cleaners can't remove.
Delimers  Walk through the facility and look at the way cleaning is done,Then figure out how things need to be cleaned and the ways in which to improve these processes.
Abrasive cleaners Either general purpose or heavy duty cleaner.
Contact time A system that will prevent, control, or eliminate pest infestations. in an operation.
Temperature Dissolve grease and work well where grease has burned on.
Concentration They have access to the most current and safe methods for eliminating pests.
Master cleaning schedule Chemicals that remove food, dirt,rust, stains, minerals, and other deposits.
Integrated pest management program (IPM) The water in sanitizing solutions must be the correct temperature.
Pest control operator (PCO) Objects being sanitized must be immersed in the solution for a specific period of time.

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