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Important Review 1/5

Aiyana .W

what is a roundabout? then go to the DMV, show proof of insurance and pay a fee
car with tinted windows Side mirrors
car with tinted windows must have outside left and right mirrors your DL is suspended for not having insurance, after paying the fine. pedestrian crosswalk
Eating and drinking are not allowed
you are first to arrive to a crash, what to do? 70
Do not stop or park on a must have outside left and right mirrors
Turning right of left  bicyclist on the road
You are in the cafeteria line waiting to get lunch, be nice 55
don't show everything, they are not perfect make sure you are on the proper lane, do not make last minute decisions
Side mirrors don't show everything, they are not perfect bicyclist on the road think of them as a slow moving vehicle, be patient do not cut in line, don't be rude
The Florida 'standard' speed limit in a rural highway is ___ mph get help, do not direct traffic
The Florida 'standard' speed limit in a regular highway is ___ mph it is a circular intersection

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