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VET Acronyms


Match the Acronym to the Definition

AAC VET in Schools
ACAL Australian Apprenticeship Centre
ACE Training and Assessment
ACER Vocational Education and Training
ACSF Training.gov.au
AISC Department of Education and Training
AITD Competency Based Training
ALA Australian Quality Training Framework
AQF Australian Core Skills Framework
AQFC Australian Council for Educational Research
AQTF Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association
ASQA State Training Authorities
AVETMISS Vocational Education and Training Database
AVETRA National Training Framework
CBA Australian Industry and Skills Committee
CBT Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students
COAG Student Management System
CRICOS Language/s Other Than English
CSfW National Centre for Vocational Education Research
DET National Skills Framework
ES Training Package
ESL VET Student Loans
IBSA Australian Institute of Training and Development
IRC English as a Second Language
ISC Training and Assessment Strategy
LLN Innovation and Business Skills Australia
LMS Language Literacy and Numeracy
LOTE Australian Qualifications Framework
NCVER Industry Skills Councils
NRT Industry Reference Committee
NSF National VET Regulator
NTF Training and Education
NVR Adult and Community Education
PD Australian Council for Adult Literacy
QI Unique Student Identifier
RCC Core Skills for Work
RPL Australian Qualifications Framework Council
RTO Learning Management System
SMS Statement of Attainment
SOA Australian Skills Quality Authority
SSA Training and Further Education
STA Registered Training Organisation
TAA Recognition of Prior Learning
TAE Recognition of Current Competency
TAFE Quality Indicators
TAS Service Skills Australia
TGA Competency Based Assessment
TP Professional Development
UoC Employability Skills
USI Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard
VET Nationally Recognised Training
VETiS Council of Australian Governments
VSL Unit of Competency
VOCED Adult Learning Australia
VQF VET Quality Framework

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