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Unit 3 matching game


1Aspirin  _____Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are approved for the relief of _______ pain where opioids are not indicated or warranted.
2Interpret pain ____________ is a drug that is used to treat partial seizures in patients who do not respond to other drugs.
3On-off phenomenon _____Patients with _____ should be careful when using opioid analgesics because of the effect histamine may have on the bronchioles of the lungs.
4Mild to moderate _____Mu1 receptors?
5Dopamine neurons _____condition is characterized by alternating periods of mobility and immobility during drug therapy.
6Asthma _____Parkinson's disease is the accelerated loss of:
7Fentanyl _____ irreversibly inhibits the aggregation of platelets necessary for blood clot formation?
8Morphine _____Two naturally occurring opiates derived from the poppy plant are _______ and codeine.
9Felbamate ___________ is not made from the natural opiates but is a synthetic chemical that behaves like the opiates?
10Dopamine receptors _____Antipsychotic medications may decrease the effectiveness of levodopa because they block:

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