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Foods of Africa

D Williams

Match African national dishes from different African countries

1South Africa _____Doro Wat- chicken or meat cooked with vegetables and spices
2Côte d'Ivoire  _____Ugali- very thick maize flour porridge
3Uganda _____Kedjenou- chicken with different vegetables and sealed in banana leaves
4Senegal _____Papa- boiled cornmeal porridge
5Madagascar _____Larb- ground meat with fish sauce and roasted ground rice
6Libya _____Nyama Choma- "roast meat." either goat or beef
7Lesotha _____Aloco- plantain coated in onion, ginger and chili aniseed paste
8Kenya _____Ndole- leaves stewed with fish and nuts
9Ghana _____Couscous Bil-Bosla- couscous cooked with Lamb, chickpeas, potatoes and tomatoes
10Egypt _____Kuli Kuli- deep fried balls of roasted peanut paste, mixed with sugar, salt and spices
11Cape Verde _____Romazava- beef and green leaves stew
12Cameroon _____Cachupa- corn, beef, fish and beans stewed together
13Benin _____Couscous- served with various cooked vegetables
14Ethiopia _____Fufu- boiled and mashed yams
15Morocco _____Kibbeh- made of bulgur wheat, chopped onions, finely ground meat, chilies and spices
16Lebanon  _____Matoke- pot stream unripe bananas
17Nigeria. _____Thieboudienne- made up of fish, rice and tomato sauce, served with cassava, onions, cabbage and carrots
18Ivory Coast _____Tagine- chicken stew with spices and vegetables served with couscous
19Tanzania _____Bobotie- Spicy mince and Butternut squash soup
20Algeria _____Kushari- green lentils, rice topped with caramelized onions and tomato sauce

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