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Marketing matching Q's


1Multiproduct branding _____Marketers use psychographic segmentation when they segment markets according to personality or lifestyle
2Multi-Branding _____Based on where consumers live,Variables such as countries, regions, counties, cities or even neighbourhoods
3Private Branding _____Based on population characteristics, Age, gender, income, education, occupation and so forth
4Cohort Brand Management _____bundling of one company’s multiple brands into one effort aimed at a common consumer group (online marketing)
5Mixed Branding _____company uses one name for all products in a class, (family branding or corporate branding) Sony, Samsung
6Geographic Segmentation _____market products under its own name(s) and that of a reseller
7Demographic Segmentation _____manufactures products but sells under brand name of retailer
8Psychographic Segmentation _____give each product a distinct name, useful when each brand is for different marketing segment
9Behavioural Segmentation _____When marketers use consumers’ behaviour with or toward a product to segment the market

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