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Puzzle your mind with Journals!

Match the following words that best suits your answers.

Calendar Major Online books that gets published in WOL and sold to instiutions.
Perpetual Access A request made by a customer/agent to replace a missing/damage. Returned issue.
Rolling& Calendar Digital Object Identifier.
VA42 Online gracing period for Institutional full rate customers.
UPU Online gracing is shown in what field?
PSA  Is the T-code for Cancellation
JPER00920000005P Business Partners
BP Are two type of Journal Subscriptions.
CDM Universal Postal Union
1 month T code use to locate institutional customers account.
DOI Material number for Journal of Periodontology Volume 91 issue 5.
ZQTC_ZLPR_A913 Customer Data Management
Content End date Are paid orders that the customers will forever have online access.
O- Book  Term use to locate FTP Agents
CLAIMS SAP term use to identify FTP user.

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