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how we used to live

1bustling _____a renewed interest in something
2swedes _____looked after to keep in good order
3back-breaking _____a row of small houses all joined together
4resurgence _____a coal mine
5preserved _____busy with lots of activity
6be drawn to _____the side of the road, or left behind and forgotten
7a trigger _____traditional ways of doing things, making clothes, cooking, culture
8mingle _____hard work digging holes in the ground
9wayside _____an action which causes something else to happen as a result
10collieries _____to be interested in something
11customs _____a root vegetable
12cramped _____ponies used for carrying coal from a coal mine
13terraces _____a very tight space to live and work
14pit ponies _____to blend in and mix at parties ,,people

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