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Blended families Parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, even friends
Extended families Believe that how a person moves toward enlightenment is determined by karma (the result of actions in life)
Married or committed couples Two parents with one or more children
Single-parent family Believe that a person can reach Nirvana, the highest spiritual plane , after traveling through birth, life, and death
Nuclear family One parent with one or more children
Agnostic Same sex or opposite sex with or without children
Atheism Believe that they do ot know or cannot know if God exists
Buddhism Baptism and communion maybe part of this religion's practices
Christianity Believe that God gave them laws and commandments through Moses in the form of the Torah
Hinduism Actively deny the existence of any higher power
Islam Divorced or widowed parents who have remarried
Judaism The Five Pillars of this religion include ritual prayer five times daily and donations to the poor and needy

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