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History Lesson


The purpose of this activity is to transition students from the theory of narratives and perspectives to presenting real-life examples in history that are often untold.

Thomas Jefferson Cut off arms and noses to exploit people for gold
Abraham Lincoln Gave away so much gold to the poor, caused massive inflation throughout the Mediterranean
Hellen Keller Was a socialist
Christopher Columbus  Against civil war monuments
Robert E Lee Was an atheist; owned a Qur’an
Winston Churchill Pre-meditated famous act; wasn’t the first to do what he/she was most famous for
Martin Luther King Racist motivations led him to ignore a famine in Bengal killing 1-3 million people
Mansa Musa Killed nearly 20 million Natives and took an oath of office while drunk
Andrew Jackson spied on by the FBI; had affairs
Rosa Parks Black Muslim author in the US after arriving via slave-ship; was enslaved and later jailed
Omar ibn Said Was a wrestler

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