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Vitamins and Minerals & Deficiencies

Match the vitamin/mineral to the correct symptoms of the deficiency

Vitamin A anorexia, muscle weakness
Vitamin D Hemorrhagic disease of the newborn, delayed blood clotting
Vitamin E night blindness, rough skin, bone growth ceases
Vitamin K increased RBC hemolysis and macrocytic anemia in premature infants
Vitamin C impaired growth, sexual maturation, immune system function
Calcium retarded bone growth, bone malformation
Phosphorus anemia, pallor, decreased work capacity, fatigue
Magnesium tetany, osteoporosis
Sodium muscle cramps, weakness, irregular heartbeat
Potassium weakness, muscle pain, poor heart function
Chloride muscle cramps, cold and clammy skin
Iron scurvy, hemorrhaging, delayed wound healing
Iodine muscle spasms, alkalosis, depressed respirations
Zinc goiter

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