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Arson This is the crime of killing more than three people at different times.
Serial Killing This is the crime of violently injuring someone but not killing him/her.
Assasination This is the crime of telling a person you will reveal something bad he/she's done if they don't give you monet.
Hacking This is the crime of setting fires.
Slander This is the crime of saying bad things about people that aren't true (like in the media).
Espionage This is the crime of remotely breaking into someone's computer and stealing their personal information.
Blackmail This is the crime of stealing small things from stores.
Counterfeiting This is the crime of making fake money.
Shoplifting This is the crime of spying on a person or a country to learn their secrets.
Assault This is the crime of killing a famous person--like a politician,

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