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Unusual This word means feeling extremely upset or distraught.
Prestigious This word means to cut and gather crops from the land.
Conduct This word means a natural substance that can't be broken down.
Shrine This word means to register (e.g. as a student)
Harvest This word means to not permit, to not allow.
Female This word means a pair.
Duo This word means an assistant, a helper.
Adventurer This word means someone who likes exciting travel.
Enroll This word means to perform, direct, or lead.
Sneak This word means very sad and heartbreaking.
Grind This word means a country or territory controlled by another country.
Amazing This word means respected, admired, and honored.
Fashionable This word means a religious place or monument.
Forbid This word means to crush into powder.
Element This word means excellent, very good.
Aide This word means related to an area that is near the equator and is very hot.
Devastated This word means strange, not normal.
Colony This word means in style.
Tragic This word means to go secretly or to take secretly.
Tropical This word means a woman or a girl.

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