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Our Croatian Journey

Croatian/English Plasterer match.

Upravo sam promijenio osigurač u kutiji brojila. Can I pay you by credit card?
Fifty Nine kuna. Pedeset devet kuna.
The plug is burnt out, so I am replacing it. Utikač je pregorio, pa ga mijenjam.
Can I please come into the house and check to see if the plug is working now? Mogu li, molim vas, ući u kuću i provjeriti radi li utikač?
Mogu li vam platiti kreditnom karticom? Sigurno
Primijetio sam miris koji dolazi od svjetla. I did notice a smell coming from the light.
Thank you, how much do I owe you? Da, molim vas uđite, pokazat ću vam gdje je svjetlo
Yes, please come in, I will show you where the light is. Hvala, koliko sam ti dužan?
Certainly I have just changed the fuse in the meter box

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