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Easter Island

Melanie Wilcox

Secretive Expect something to happen.
Poaching The illegal catching and/or killing of animals.
Feasible Giving a safe home or shelter to something.
Predators An unpleasant and surprising discovery.
Prey Based on possible ideas or situations rather than actual ones.
Dedicated Spread over a wide area.
Lethal The animals that another animal eats for food.
Assessed Examined or considered carefully.
Resolve Determination to do what you have decided to do.
Project A key characteristic to someone's identity.
Acknowledge Total destruction or defeat.
Apparently Making someone lose courage or confidence.
Authority The most important thing you have to do or deal with.
Hypothetical Accept or admit that something is true or it exists.
Priority Hiding your feelings or actions from others.
Indifference A word you can use to indicate information you're giving may or may not be true.
Unnerving Potentially deadly.
Defining attribute Lack of interest or concern.
Annihilation Someone who can give expert information or advice about a subject.
Botched Animals that kill and eat other animals.
Dispersed Committed to doing something.
Unwelcome revelation Possible and/or practical to do or achieve.
Harboring Failed or mismanaged.

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