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Logical Fallacies

Ad hominem  If you don't believe in God, you're going to hell.
Straw man  Of course it’s fine to wait until the last minute to write your paper. Everybody does it!
Appeal to pity  Erin thinks we need to stop using all plastics, right now, to save the planet from climate change.
Ad baculum If you don’t support my decision, you were never really my friend.
Slippery slope Katherine is a bad choice for mayor because she didn’t grow up in this town.
Argument from outrage  When ice cream sales are up, so are shark attacks. Therefore, buying ice cream increases your risk of being bitten by a shark.
Red herring  I know I should have been on time for the interview, but I woke up late and felt really bad about it, then the stress of being late made it hard to concentrate on driving here.
Hasty generalization Losing a tooth can be scary, but have you heard about the Tooth Fairy?
Post hoc  I felt nauseated both times I ate pizza from Georgio’s, so I must be allergic to something in pizza.
Ad populum “Snack prices have tripled in the past two years! This is an outrage! Think of the children!”
Either/or  If you go outside without a coat, you’ll catch a cold and infect the rest of the family. Then your sister will have to miss class and she’ll get a bad grade and fail her course.

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