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Nervous/Endocrine Terms


Cephalgia surgical removal of thyroid gland
Meningitis many inflamed nerves
Neurologist thyroid gland
Neurology inflammation of thymus gland
Encephalitis pertaining to nerves
Polyneuritis pertaining to the pancreas
Analgesia no pain
Ataxia inflammation of the brain
Hyperesthesia inflammation of the meninges
Neural study of nerves
Adrenalitis above normal sensation
Pituitary head pain
Thymic many thirst
Thymitis nerve specialist
Adrenalectomy inflammation of adrenal glands
Thymectomy pertaining to pituitary gland
Polydipsia surgical removal of adrenal glands
Parathyroidectomy no muscle
Parathyroid surgical removal of thymus gland
Pancreatic pertaining to thymus gland

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