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1950s Teen Agers


Late 1950s culture, fashion, movies, TV, etc.

Starkweather Culture - Stupid jokes using hand signals
Hill Music - _____ are Made of This
Carnation Fashion - Full net petticoat
Bucks Music - The King
Ducktail Fashion -____ set
Lucy Music - Blueberry ____
MM Movie - Love Me ____
Saddleshoes Music - Presley's "rival"
Bandstand Culture - Place to eat
Tender TV - American ____
Drive In Fashion - _____ socks
Boone Fashion - _____ Belt
Hunter Culture - Jumpy line dance
rocknroll Movie - Blond bombshell (initials)
Cinch Culture - Soda pop and ice cream
Flattop Fashion - Boy's haircut
Sweater Fashion - White suede shoes
Day Culture - Dance in the gym
Elvis Fashion - hairstyle, boys and girls
Ivy League Movie - King of the cowboys
Cancan Fashion - Black and white footwear
Bobby Music - White Sports Coat and a Pink _____
Root Beer Float Culture - Serial killer on loose, 1958
Poodle Culture - Couple exchanging class rings
Memories Fashion - Pedal _____
Dee Music - ____ Boat Song
Anderson TV - Father Knows Best's family name
Bunny Hop Movie - Actress, Sandra
Hula Fashion - Full ____ skirt
Sock Hop Fashion - Men's slacks with back buckle
Heartbreak Music - Type
Roy Rogers TV - Desi's wife
Ponytail Movie - Actress, girl next door, Doris ____
Banana Fashion - Girl's hairstyle
Mary Ann TV - Dog show
Going Steady TV - Disney's frontiersman
Lassie Movie - Actor, Tab
Pushers Music - ____ Hotel
Boone Culture - ____ hoop

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