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Ethical Foundations

Group 2

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nonmaleficience Occurs when individual must choose between 2 unfavorable alternatives
dialogue Organization that provides a formal code of ethics for nurses (abbreviation).
knowledge ________ is expressed in behavior and grounded in values.
ethics Author that claims nursing needs its own unique nursing ethic.
beneficence Discipline that creates guidelines about what is right and what is wrong.
analysis Ethical perspective that claims that what constitutes moral action cannot be proven.
principle Process in which participants strive to gain clarity on an issue, examine various points of view factually and logically, and examine different approaches to resolving the dilemma.
prescriptive _______-oriented framework is objective, predictable, and consistent.
relativism Disciplinary process fundamental to justification of ethical knowledge.
autonomy Nurses need ethical ________ to guide their practice.
ana MORAL method can be used to make ethical _______ making.
morality Commitment to respect the capacity and right of individuals to choose their own values and goals and to decide for themselves what happens to their body and their lives.
volker Principle meaning commitment to do good and promote well being.
decision Branch of ethics that set forth codes, duties, principles, and rules to guide behavior.
caringethics Framework based on a belief of interdependence amongst humans and responsible to one another
ethicaldilemma Ethical principle meaning to avoid or minimize harm.

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