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GED Spelling List #2

Dr. Reimer

This is the second in a line of puzzles

garden part of a home where food is prepared
quantity old form of communication, sent by morse code
natural something that is not real
maintenance overly felt self love, conceit
realistic Formal name for the USA
imaginary a female child
kitchen something that is unadulterated, pure
easy a scientific experimentation location
balance a place where things are done
Ware to care for something on a regular basis
calculator compliant to a request
ability the sixth dy of the week
Hammer too used to drive nail
daughter feeling of suspicion toward a rival
jealous having the physical power to do something
Vain an amount of something
pamphlet place where vegetables or flowers are grown
telegram machine that does arithmetic functions
facility publication of only a few pages
laboratory something that is done in the normal means
saturday something that is done with little effort
obedient to be evenly distributed
United States Any goods

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