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GED Spelling List #3

Dr. Reimer

This goes inthe Adult Education Venue. It is the 3rd in a series of 26 puzzles using words from the writing skills master vocabulary list

balloon collection of colleges
panicky hardly, something that is seldom done or seen
absence past tense of lay
gardener product that is nt used
scarcely written form of the year, days weeks months, etc
calendar low land, usually in concert with a river or mountain range
waste knowing something or someone
mecessary something in the way
quarreling arguing
daybreak to move in a certain manner
university past tense of know
maneuver to know or to understand
laid written record, diary
journal cloth or rubberized material filled with gas
familiar dawn, first light, sunrise
valley person without any sense or intellect
knew small patch of cloth carried for pereonal needs
imbecile needed, could not be done without
realize to be missing, or without
telephone pleasure to the bursting point
Handkerchief electronic device with which people communicate orally
ecstacy a person who works in flowers or vegetables
obstacle hyper nervous, anxious

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