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GED Spelling list #4

Dr. Reimer

This is the fourth in the series of puzzles for use with GED Writing Skills Vocabulary List

parallel a part of an act in a play
Quart general demeanor
Farther to go a greater distance
temperment to strice, or to say something bad about
Occasion to be missing
language A series of battles
Death not real, false, fake
Absent 32 ounces, two pints, four cups
valuable an item that is treasured, has great value
happines small sharp object used to sew
Campaign not strong, needing protection
Judgment happy beyond belief, like totally
Ecstatic something that can be done without
Scene means of communication with words
weak Lack of life
Marriage an event or happening
Imitation top Officer's rank in Army, Airforce and Marines
Bargain gotten for a good price
unecessary items equal distances apart that never meet
General to have a feeling of joy or contentment
needle to come to a conclusion about
Knock joining together
reason sound thinking, logic

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