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GED Spelling List #5

Dr. Reimer

Thisis the fifthin the list of puzzles in this series

abuncance to amaze or bewilder
heard once in a while
parallelism to lie to, to prevaricate
Quarter to have more than one choice
wear the simplest form of something
genius a great deal of something
schedule better oneself by learning a skill or improving the mind
temperature causing harm through a lack of action
immediately risings up to resist the accepted order
Married to detect through the ears
negligence to plan activities or events
fascinate money, or something of monetary value
decieve not in the ordinary
capital one-fourth of something
Rebellions to grade th eamount of heat or lack of it
occasional Joined together
education one who is percieved to be smarter than most
variety not at present, in the future
know something that shadows another
Later to be informed or to understand
basic right now, PDQ, ASAP
unusual to use as an outer garment or to use

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