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Infection Control

Chapter 5

Tuberculocidal Will kill potentially infectious fungi
OSHA Will kill potentially infectious bacteria
Staphylococci Pus Forming bacteria arranged in curved lines
Streptococci Short Rod-shaped bacteria
Flagella Licenses different types of disinfectants
Virucidal Round Shaped bacteria, apperars alone
StateRegulartoryAgencies Self Movement
NonPathogenic Licensing Agencies, State Boards, commissions, and health Departments fall under this
Cocci Considered harmful and cause diseases
Bacteria Spiral or corkscrew shaped bacteria
Diplococci Also Known as regulations and are more specific that laws
Spirilla One-Celled microorganisms, with both plant and animal characteristics
Bactericidal Sherical Bacteria that grows in pairs
Pathogenic for locomotion, a whiplike motion of these hairs moves the bacteria in liquid
Bacilli Also called statutes
Fungicidal Completely harmless; Do Not cause diseases
Motility Included information about hazardous ingredients, safe use and handling.
EPA Was created as part of the US Department of Labor to Regulate and enforce Safety and Health Standards to protect employees
Laws Will Kill Potentially infectious viruses
Rules Pus forming bacteria that grows in clusters
MSDS Disinfectants proven to kill bacteria that causes tuberculosis

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