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Pastry Revision

Michael Wood

Revision of culinary terms

Baking Pastry case with a lid
Pie The layers of butter in paste
Quiche Working in planned step by step organised way
texture Has to be dropping consistancy
Filo Ingredient used in choux paste
Strudel How it feels in the mouth its-------
Crust Time to relax the paste and gluten before use
Resting The method of cookery for pastry
Palmiers Streached really thin you could read through it
logical Thin greek style for baklava
Lamination An light almond sponge used for filling
Sweet A paste that requires turns
Short Used to create shapes for bouchees
Frangipane A savoury short pastry shell with a filling set with egg
Eclair Has shortened gluten strands
cutters Palm leaf shaped puff pastry items
Dusting The cooked surface
consistancy For flans and fruit tarts
Eggs Is it the ----- too runny or too thick
Choux Sausage shaped choux pastry
Puff To put flour on the work surface to roll out the paste

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