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Chapter 10 - Strategies for Independent Learning

Lindsay Agnello and Lindsey Moore

Dr. ConradEDUC 314 - Special Needs

ClarifyingExpectations high interest reading free of complex vocabulary
ContextClues pointing out potential benefits clearly and specifically
WARF a common characteristic of students with disabilities
SelfInstruction Stop
Posttest identification of strengths and weaknesses, and skills required to know and communicate their needs
ControlledMaterials Questioning Yourself
LAMPS technological strategy for identifying misspelled words
FOIL Checking Yourself
POWER accurate perceptions of strengths, needs, and abilities for independent learning
SelfAdvocacy after you give your reasons, do this to revise your essay
SCROL developing the values, attitudes, knowledge and skills needed to make responsible decisions and take actions dealing with their own learning
SCAN smallest parts of word meaning
SelfAwareness strategy to increase or adjust reading speed
LackofOrganization strategy that uses many body parts to improve listening
SPACE textbook reading strategy
SelfReinforcement definition, synonym, antonym, example, general
SelfQuestioning strategy to outline chapter for reading comprehension
CALLUP Use this strategy to carry your tens
GiveMeFive the second pretest
SelfMonitoring Rewarding Yourself
Morphemes verbal cues when students first attempt a skill
GuidedPractice mathematical strategy used mostly with high school students
PARS writing strategy that involves self-questioning and peer-editing
IndependentLearning Talking to Yourself
CHECK lecture note strategy

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