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The Less Noble Sex: Part 1

Chelsea Reed

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differences Edward Cope believed that women are __________ men.
undeveloped According to Hesiod and Plato, the proper form of human is ____.
humans believed that if the womb "cooked" at proper temperature, then perfection will be attained the form of male.
body _______ studied skeletal structure, brain size, and configuration in an effor to distinguish male and female characteristics.
animal according to plato, woman is a ________ of original state of being.
rib woman is _____ to man
Darwin ______ myths have always been central to human understanding
craniology Galen believed that woman was less perfect than man because she was ______.
blood _______ created as punishment to man in Hesiod's Theogeny
degeneration Woman is a less perfect ___.
interpretation Martin Luther believed that men and women were created equally until ___ sinned.
passive scientists work within the ________ of their times which usually leads to information proving beliefs.
reproduction plato believed that men who could not control their emotions were __________ as women
worldview Edward Cope believed that men are _________ women.
geddes ________ in the cranium justified scientists belief that woman is inferior to man.
reincarnated Male characterstics was seen as the most ______ form of any species.
philo title of the Christian creation myth.
timaeus Social Darwinists place woman between man and _____.
zeus Herbert Spencer believed that the demands of a woman's reproductive system interfered with ____________ development.
aquinas author of Hesiod's Theogeny
inequality The Christian creation myth is more open for _________ than Hesiod's or Platos creation stories.
creation Aquinas and ____________ both argued that womans creation from man's body, Adams rib, tied her more closely to her body.
plato In more creation myths man came _____ woman
genesis Early Christian belief led people to believe that women were more tied to their body
plato man is ____, woman is weak.
developed ____ believed, like Hesiod that men came before women.
Galen Name of the God in Hesiod's theogy that created woman
woman Males were thought to be so superior to females that people thought male fetuses developed _____ than female.
man Most early creation myths, place woman between man and _______.
prometheus according to ____ woman was created from man's rib "because woman is not equal honor with man."
after ____are set apart from animals due to possession of reason and justice.
different Aristotle labeled woman a ___________.
god Galen concluded that due to womans lack of a _____ she was "half-baked"
inferior due to _________ betrayal in Hesiod's Theogeny woman was created
mutilated According to Herbert Spencer, ___________ took most of woman's energy.
before in the Christian creation myth, God created woman as man's ______
faster In Hesiod's Theogeny, women came _____ men
sin _____ is between god and man
augustine womans creation from rib tied her more closely to her ____
strong Eve came from the ___ if Adam.
pandora ____ insisted that women had the same genitals as men but they were internal.
penis Title of Plato's creation account
perfect Man is created in the image of ___
monstrosity woman was deceiving, she was pretty on the outside, ____ on the insdie
man Aristotle believed that semen came from _____.
aristotle Aristotle believed that woman was a _________ man.
eve ______ concluded that each sex was different but complementary.
helper man is active, woman is ______
intellectual ___ is between god and woman
colder According to ______, males are superior becase they change to attract females who do not change.
ugly ________ believed that God created women for reproduction.
male Social Darwinism justified social _______.
child Martin Luther believed in an "equal but ________" thesis

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