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The Lie

Dr. Reimer

This is constructed to be used in conjunction with Kurt Vonnegut's Short Story The Lie. It is going to be used in a GED Adult Ed Class.

Overseer not to be believed
Spires to do something in copies of four
Segregated A person who rns a business or enterprise
Unrepantant Representative from a foreign country
Tuition Very Expensive fancy car
Rolls-Royce Fees paid to go to school
Dormitory separated by race
Shah of Iran Fancy name for a private high school
Draw Lots Chance happening, a stroke of luck
Quadruplicate Ex ruler of Iran
Shuddering A statement made by someone
Inconceivable Peaks of buildings
Preparatory School REsidence hall for students
Quotation To take a chace on an outcome
Fluke Not at all sorry
Diplomat Shaking badly

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