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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Dr. Reimer

This puzzle is to be used with Kurt Vonnegut's Story Tomorrow, Tommorow and Tomorrow. It will be used in a GED/ADult Ed Classroom

Mouse Trapped Jailer
Heirs in a fix that you cannot get out of
Monotone A crowd of people
Accomodated Old term for a gas station
Zoroastrianism Anger
Rile To change something
Multitude Empty
Daybed Elixir that provides a longer life span
Emigrate To water something down
Dilute Money a person receives after they are retired
Portentors perplexed, confused
Revoking To move from one place to another
Pension couch type of a bed
Confirmation a feeling of special ness
Filling Station Early monotheistic religion
Outskirts People tha are to get the money or property of one who has died
Anti--Gerasone To become informed that something is true or correct
Poignancy people that predicy the future
Coalition to speak in the same level at all times
Tuenkey to make sure that someone is comfortable or happy
Vacant The edges of a city
Dumbfounded group of people banded together to achieve an end

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