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Unready To Wear

Dr. Reimer

This puzzle is designed to be used with Kurt Vonnegut's Story, Unready to Wear. It will be used in an Adult Ed GED Classroom.

Reoccupy Able to take care of yourself
Ambition really hot
Guinea Pig your mind and personality
Psyche Something of minor importance
Parade Marshall stage show with dancing girls
Scorcher Swindled, Scammed
Self-Sufficient does not have physical form
Flim Flammed One of the first people to do something
Frisky Tool for cutting plants
Contraptions to recreate
Pneumonia cannot be damaged
Dazed Restless, Acting foolishly
Invisible Lifestyle of one that has given up their body
Blue primitive life form
Pioneer respiratory disease
Bush League confused
Protoplasm Sad or Depressed
Festoons To walk like a Penguin
Burlesque cannot be seen
Insubstantial to take something over again
Waddle Something that lives off another
Parasite onlookers
Spectators One of the first people to do something
Amphibious desire to get things done
Reproduction decorates
Pruning hook Person in charge of a parade
Indestructable machines

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