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Ankle, Foot

Terri Groessl

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Transverse Most often injured ankle ligament: anterior _______________________
Achilles Weightbearing ligament in the ankle: ______________________
Lateral Muscle causing flexion of the toes: Flexor ____________________
Talofibular High arches
Cuboid Ankle ligament connecting the calcaneous and the fibula
Talofibular Ligament connecting the talus and the fibula posteriorly: Posterior _________
Gastrocnemius Muscle that causes dorsiflexion
Soleus Propulsion and ______________ are the main functions of the foot
Support Muscle causing extension of the big toe: Extensor __________________
Plantarflexion Muscle that causes plantraflexion
Plantar Fascia There are 5 of these bones in the foot
Calcaneous Common tendon of the gastroc
Hallicus Heel bone
Deltoid Talus
Pes Planus Soft tissue between the tibia and fibula
Metatarsals There are 7 _____________ bones in the foot
Compartments A lateral tarsal bone
Calcaneofibular Muscles that evert the foot
Tibia Muscle that causes plantarflexion
Peroneals Thick, soft tissue on the sole of the foot
Interroseous Membrane Weightbearing bone in the lower leg
Hallux Longitudinal and _______________ are the two arches in the foot
Digitorum Movement of the sole of the foot medially
Tibiofibular Bones located in your toes
Tarsal Flat feet
Pes Cavus The calf is divided into four _______________________
Anterior Tibialis These ankle ligaments are weak
Inversion Walking on ones toes
Phalanges Medial ankle ligament

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