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Brenda J.Lohr

Terms include the cranial and facial bones, sutures and some prominent features of the skull

vomer associated with the tear duct
cranium upper jaw
inferior conchae plow-shaped bone forming part of nasal septum
frontal opening in the skull for the spinal cord
foramen magnum forms most of the skull's posterior wall
maxillae two bone plates that form part of the hard palate
occipital forms the anterior part of the cranium
lacrimal where the parietal bones meet the occipital bone
zygomatic process outer ear canal
coronal cheek bones
ethmoid the part of the skull that houses the brain
nasal form the bridge of the nose
sagittal forms the ridge between cheek and temple
facial bones only movable joint in the skull
lambdoid butterfly-shaped bone; forms a central wedge
zygomatic the temples
temporal most deep of the skull bones
sphenoid this suture joins the frontal and parietal bones
mandibular condyle pairs form the top sides of the cranium
squamous paired curved bones in the nasal cavity
mandible supply the framework of the sense organs
parietal suture joining the parietal bones superiorly
palatine where parietal and temporal bones meet
external acoustic meatus lower jaw bone

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