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The world of cells and microscopes


this puzzle was used as a study guide for me and my class mates to help us with our test

cytoplasm organells that transfer energy
organs what was the theory created by scientist called?
cell membrane what occurs during the formation gametes?
flagella mainly bacteria
cytokinesis only plants and animals
chloroplasts the division of a cells cytoplasm
Cell Theory rod shaped structure made of DNA and protiens
chromosomes what every living thing is made up
prokaryotes subcellular structures only eukaryotic cells have?
energy cell wall is only in....?
cells has all cellular organs exceot nucleus
diploid organells made of protein
Robert Hooke cells that have two sets of chromosomes
meiosis cells outer membrane
plants hair like structures extend from the cells surface
mitochondria gives shape to cells
eukaroyotes used the early light microscope
ribosomes control center of an atom
cytoskeleton uses light tog ive plants energy
nucleus what do all living things need to survive?

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