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CNS terms

Mrs. VH1

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centralsulcus group of nuclei in brainstem, sleep/wake cycle
piamater emotion, motivation, mood
acetylcholine regulates balance, posture, movement
parietal four cavities in brain, filled with CSF
tegmentum connects cerebrum to cerebellum
sulcus large groove
infundibulum sensory neuron
brainstem lobe associated with reasoning, emotions, thought, voluntary movement
cerebralspinalfluid outer meninge of the brain and SC
cortex innermost meninge
anterior center of cerebrum
reticularformation lobe associated with sensory info, like taste
axon separates frontal and parietal lobes
efferent influences the onset of puberty
bloodbrainbarrier motor neuron
cerebellem longest extension from a neuron
ventricles top (roof) of midbrain
limbicsystem towards the front
duramater grooves of the brain
pons controls thirst, hunger, sleep, hormones, temperature
gyrus clear, watery fluid that protects the brain and SC
pinealbody bottom (floor) of midbrain
frontal a neurotransmitter that carries nerve impulses across a synapse
medullaoblongata lobe associated with vision
medulla outer layer of cerebrum
hypothalamus automatic reflexes, breathing, heart rate, swallowing
corpuscallosum connects the two cerebral hemispheres
afferent attaches pituitary gland to brain
occipital protects the brain from invasion of microorganisms
tectum composed of medulla, pons, and midbrain

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