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"Cross" Your Heart

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Carbon Dioxide Vessels that empty into the capillary bed
Right Atrium Vessel by which deoxygenated blood leaves the heart
Pulmonary Artery Room air is 21% this
Pulmonary Vein Route by which oxygenated blood returns to the heart
Deoxygenated Separates the left ventricle from the aorta
Aorta Organs that take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide
Bicuspid Valve Nature of blood as it returns to the heart from the body
Four Separates the right atrium from the right ventricle
Oxygenated First chamber of the heart
Venules Separates the right ventricle from the pulmonary artery
Pulmonary Valve Get larger as they approach the heart
Arterioles Has two leaves or flaps
Venules Smallest arteries in the body
Capillaries Empties into the top portion of the right atrium
Left Ventricle Smallest veins in the body
Four Nature of blood as it returns to the heart from the lungs
Aortic Valve Empties into the lower portion of the right atrium
Superior Vena Cava Waste product of metabolism
Lungs Pulmonary veins empty into this
Arterioles Number of chambers in the heart
Left Atrium Largest artery in the body
Tricuspid Valve Get smaller as they get farther away from the heart
Arteries Number of valves in the heart
Oxygen Powerhouse of the heart...strongest of all chambers
Inferior Vena Cava Place at which gas exchange occurs
Right Ventricle Capillaries drain into these small vessels
Veins Tricuspid valve opens into this

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