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Digestive System Cpt 15


medical terminology

large intestine produces bile
hematemesis drooping of internal organs
hepatocellular black vomit
liver inflammation of the appencix
glossectomy process of visually examining the sigmoid colon
colostomy hernia repair
retrograde discharge of fat in the feces
steatorrhea inability of the muscles of the digestive tract to relax
plicae circulares prevents aspiration of food into the trachea
buccal mucosa displacement of intestines through the inguinal canal
ventriculoperitoneal stone in the salivary gland or duct
appendicitis loss of appetite
colocolostomy pertaining to the mucous membrane of the cheek
dyspepsia bile stones
gallbladder surgical fixation of the cecum
cecopexy closes off the nasal passages during swallowing
papillae contain taste buds
endoscopy difficulty in eating
herniorrhaphy backward flow of fluid
rugae pertaining to the anus and rectum
postprandial mastication
achalasia absorption of digested food stuffs
cheiloplasty abnormal condition of the lips
stomatitis pertaining to the liver cells
anorexia after a meal
visceroptosis indigestion
cheilosis excessive vomiting
teeth pertaining to around the anus
colitis tumor of the liver
perianal process of visually examining the internal body cavities
plyphagia hernia of the rectum with the rectum pushing onto the vaginal wall
sigmoidoscopy surgical removal of the appendix
epiglottis defecation
anorectal excessive eating
aphagia suturing of the lip
villi stores bile
appendectomy increase the surface area of the small intestine
oral creation of a new opening between the colon and the abdomen
uvula increase the surface area of the stomach
hyperemesis pertaining to the ventricles and peritoneum
rectocele creation of a new opening between two segments of the colon
choleith surgical repair of the lips
hepatoma excision of the tongue
dysphagia no eating
inguinal hernia inflammation of the colon
sialolith pertaining to the mouth
melanemesis inflammation of the mouth
cheilorrhaphy vomiting of blood

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